Medicaid Excluded Parties Attestation

We help companies that receive Medicaid dollars fulfill their State's obligation to verify that no employee or contractors are on the exclusion list.

The process is fully automated and a report with required screenshots are sent every month. In addition, because the State can request screenshots for any time period, we store all files as long as you have an account with us!


New and Legacy Software Support

Have an Access database that you want to improve upon or upgrade to .NET. We actively discuss your requirements and come up with effective solutions to save operational costs.

Medicaid Attestation

Some states require entities receiving Medicaid dollars to perform a time intensive and expensive task EVERY MONTH to verify that their employees and contractors are not on the OIG exclusion list. If your company is a hospital, nursing home, transportation, doctor's office you can save enormous amount of money by using our service. Reach out to us for more information.


Next Steps...

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